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My Gutters Are Sagging!

You wake up, grab a cup of coffee, stroll to the front porch to look at what a beautiful day it and then you notice it, your front gutters appear to be bowing down and are sagging forward. Lets first talk about what has caused this. Gutters will sag for a few different reasons.

1.)The board behind your gutters is rotting and the gutter spikes can no longer hold on tight to the wood and support the gutter. This is caused by excessive water coming over top the gutter and saturating the wood or an insufficient drip edge. If your gutters are clogged and water is backing up this is most likely the cause.

2.)Your gutters are heavy! Gutters are not meant to be heavy. If you could put all of your gutters into a 2ft by 2ft box you could probably pick it up. The weight is coming from excessive debris and or water, ice or snow. If you haven’t cleaned your gutters by this point now is the time before you have to replace them!

3.)Old worn gutters can start to sag with time. Gutter spikes are big nails so to speak and over time wind, rain, snow and whatever else can cause your gutter spikes to become loose and sag.

Knowing all this your gutters are still sagging and you are wondering, “Can this be fixed or do I need to replace my gutters?” As long as your gutters haven’t bent to the point where they are no longer a gutter and haven’t taken on EXCESSIVE wear it is more than likely a problem that can be fixed with new gutter spikes, gutter screws or gutter hangers.

So you probably want to know “how much will that cost me?” Answer is, significantly less than replacement. This all depends on the pitch of your roof, the height of your roof and the extent of damage.

A reputable gutter cleaning service or repair company shouldn’t break your bank with this kind of repair. In closing, gutter maintenance is best in the preventative form. Establish a relationship with a good gutter cleaning company to avoid costly repairs or worse, gutter replacement.

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