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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you provide service to?

Wilson's Gutter Cleaning provides gutter cleaning services to the following areas: Manassas Va, Manassas Park Va, Fairfax Va, Bristow Va, Centreville Va, Chantilly Va, Herndon Va, Arlington Va, South Riding Va, Ashburn Va, New Baltimore Va, Warrenton Va, Dale City Va, Woodbridge Va, Dumfries Va, Montclair Va, Gainesville Va, South Riding Va, Burke Va, Loudon Va.  If you don't see your city or county listed please feel free to contact us as we are periodically adding new service areas. 


How often should I clean my gutters? 
Gutters should be cleaned twice a year at minimum. The fall and prior to winter are the ideal times to clean and inspect.  Depending upon where you live this can also vary. If you are in a heavily wooded area with lots of trees, leaves, pine needles etc. this will have to be increased on an as needed basis. 


Can I clean my own gutters? 
Absolutely! We are not here to sell you a service but to provide you with one.  Gutter cleaning involves getting on your roof and the possibilty of falling off and injuring yourself always does exist.  If you plan on cleaning your own gutter just make sure you take the necessary safety precautions that we take to keep yourself safe. 


What type of damages come from not cleaning my gutters?

This is a broad question but a good one none the less.  If you choose not to clean your gutters and they become clogged and the water can not flow propery through them into the downspouts you can end up with significant roof leaking, rotting wood trim, gutter sag and broken gutter which can be expensive to fix.  Regular cleanings can prevent costly repairs.


Do you have service contracts? 

Yes! Please contact us at 703.895.2759 and here about our no strings attached "No Worry Service Plan."


Do I need to be present to have my gutters cleaned?

No.  However, we reccomend that you are present in case there are major issues encountered with your gutter systems so the problem can be addressed before any major damage is caused. 


What payment methods do you accept? 

We accept most major credit cards, cash and personal checks. 


Are you fully insured? 

Yes, Wilson's Gutter Cleaning is fully insured against any accidental liability damages. Proof of insurance is available upon request.


My gutters are sagging can you fix this? 

More than likely yes. Most of the time this is caused by loose gutter spikes.  Please make the technician aware of this problem and in what areas and this can normally be fixed during the service call. 


Do you offer leaf removal?

Yes.  If your gutters are cleaned what was removed from your gutters is picked up and disposed of.  Some owners prefer to have the leaves mulched as organic fertilizer. We do offer mulching of the leaves as part of our fall cleanings. GIve us a call today at 703.895.2759 for further questions on fall cleanings. 



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