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When Should I Clean My Gutters?

When should I clean my gutters? This is probably the question that I get asked the most. I am going to answer this question by asking another question. Where is your home located? Are you in a heavily wooded area? Are you in a lightly wooded area or in a city or county with a few trees here and there? Or are you located in an area where there isn’t a tree within 10 miles? Lets start by addressing the homeowner in the heavily wooded area with lots of trees and debris falling not only during fall but also throughout the year. It will be in your best interest to clean your gutters at a minimum 2-3 times a year. And you are probably saying “2 -3 times a year?!?!” Here’s why, gutters are meant to take water that comes from your roof and direct it toward the downspouts and then out to a safe place. If the gutters become clogged at any point rainwater will start to come overtop the gutters and start to affect the board, which the gutter is attached. Once this happens the wood becomes saturated and starts to rot which can be ugly to look at and will eventually lead to your gutters detaching and falling. Water has a way to maneuver into places completely undesirable including INSIDE YOUR HOME! If you are in a heavily wooded area, remember debris is falling into your gutters year round not just the Fall, develop a strong relationship with a reputable gutter-cleaning service and they shouldn’t steer you wrong. Always remember, you perform preventative maintenance on your car frequently but your house needs it as well. Ok, onto the next category. You live in an area that has a few mature trees above the gutter line but don’t live in an area surrounded by trees. You are probably safe having your gutters cleaned twice a year and maybe just once a year depending on the foliage that surrounds you. Once again, a good relationship with a reputable gutter cleaning service is your best friend. Now, you live in an area where there isn’t a tree in sight! You are thinking, “I’m golden, no need to clean my gutters right?” Almost. Just because you aren’t surrounded by trees doesn’t mean that you won’t at one time or another experience clogged gutters I have seen everything in gutters, birds nests, tennis balls, racquet balls, dead animals, trash and most of all SHINGLES. The right sized shingle from your roof can clog a downspout like a stopper in a tub. If you are in an area like this observe your rain gutters when it rains if you notice water coming over top of the gutter it is clogged, period. If you fall into this category it is best to have a gutter cleaning service out once a year. A reputable company will be truthful and if gutter cleaning is not necessary not charge you for an unnecessary service. To sum up this article, keep an eye on your rain gutters during rain and remember what I said, you perform maintenance on your car 2-3 times per year your house needs it as well! If you have any questions on gutter cleaning please feel free to contact us and we will address your questions as soon as possible!

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